We take our responsibility for employees, customers and suppliers as well as society and the environment very seriously.

We have developed processes and concepts for the establishment of a strategic sustainability management and are thus committed to the environment and social justice by systematically integrating economic, ecological and social aspects.

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Technical innovations, certifications and continuous training help us to achieve our goals and to develop and improve ourselves continuously.


Ecovadis certifikat
Achievement award
CSR report 2018
CSR report 2019

Reduction of CO2 emissions

We feel responsible for contributing to a climate-neutral world, therefore we want to constantly minimise our own emissions. To achieve this, our electricity consumption, among other things, plays a decisive role.
For this reason, our locations throughout Germany have been sourcing 100% of their electricity from renewable energy since 1 January 2022. This will save us around 2,800 kilograms of CO2 emissions and actively support the energy transition. This step also brings us closer to our goal of switching completely to green energies and contributes to the EU's goal of being climate-neutral by 2040.

Sustainable logistics

Environmental friendliness through efficiency in logistics and the supply chain is a matter of course for us:

  • Reduction of fuel consumption through a maximum 2-year-old vehicle fleet and the use of state-of-the-art technology
  • Empty mileage avoidance through IT-supported route planning
  • Avoid traffic jams through navigation with real-time data
  • Regular training of our drivers
  • Professional tire management system
  • Pursue a preventive approach that encourages the use of environmentally friendly technologies

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Safety is our top priority:

  • Turning assistant in all new vehicles
  • Trailer are equipped with the AIRpipe-3 hose system to prevent ice floe formation on the vehicle
  • Continuous training of the employees
  • Occupational safety check by GDA-ORGAcheck

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Human rights

We are committed to respecting human rights. Our Code of Ethics includes the following points, among others:

  • Child protection and prohibition of child labour
  • Health protection
  • Creation of decent jobs
  • Prevention of discrimination
  • Active integration of disadvantaged groups
  • Striving for economic prosperity without losing sight of social justice

Our commitment

Our social commitment includes among other things

  • Support for the van Eupen Foundation, which is committed to nature and environmental protection. Our donation will be used for the reforestation of the van Eupen Forest in Essen.
  • Support for the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen
  • Assumption of a newspaper sponsorship for the Realschule Essen-West
  • Sponsoring of local sports clubs and youth groups

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