Logistik- und Warehouse-Management
Logistik- und Warehouse-Management

Logistics and Warehouse Management

###Fast availability and high transparency Whether your business requires procurement logistics, dispatch/distribution, spare parts logistics or even keeping up with rapid e-commerce growth, your success always depends upon two factors: - Efficient warehousing and storage - Expert handling of goods and optimal coordination between the process chain and individual IT structures. ### Multi-user warehouse Our multi-user logistics solutions integrate your most diverse logistics requirements into a multi-client system. **Advantages:** Use of synergy effects. Flexibility in areas such as personnel, equipment, warehouse space utilisation, and cushioning of seasonal fluctuations through shared services and solutions. Implementation of individual projects in standardised properties. Our multi-user warehouses satisfy the requirements for comprehensive (link: /en/leistungen/kontraktlogistik text: Contract Logistics). ### Single-user warehouse Single-user logistics solutions offer you exclusive use of a warehouse. **Advantages:** Individual needs can already be accommodated during warehouse construction/installation of the system. Our (link: /en/leistungen/beratung-entwicklung text: Consulting/Development team) will optimise your processes. ### In-house logistics With in-house logistics solutions, we either partially or completely handle warehouse, factory and production logistics on your premises. **Advantages:** Our (link: /en/leistungen/beratung-entwicklung text: Consulting/Development team) and software solutions will help you optimise your processes. We can also work with your own systems.

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