Transport Management
Transport Management

Transport Management

### Scheduling – Information – Reaction Our Transport Management is built upon a centralised scheduling system. All orders are optimised and managed for on-time delivery. We do not just look at individual shipping orders but rather give priority to the requirements of your customers. This creates significant added value – not only are we shipping goods, we are also providing information about the transport process in real time. This ensures that the supply chain is not interrupted. Flexible scheduling and continual information management also minimise delays in production and additional processing. We make sure that all supply chain participants are able to react swiftly to any problems as they arise. ### Transport 4.0 #### ETA management through GPS-based vehicle location Our vehicles are equipped with tablets for communication with the driver and an app-based telematics system. - State-of-the-art IT platform facilitates Mobile Order Management (MOM). - Real-time monitoring (real-time tracking and order evaluation). If our system identifies potential problems with the arrival time, defined procedures are implemented. - Automated analysis of transport cycle - Constant control of order through defined process steps, from order placement to unloading - Automated driver card reading and driver’s licence check - Driver monitoring (in accordance with legal regulations) - Digital bill of delivery - IT interfaces to our customers and vehicles

###Fleet - Modern, maximum two-year-old fleet; all vehicles comply with EURO 6 exhaust gas standard - All new vehicles are equipped with turning assistant - GPS-based vehicle location - Satellite-based interfaces to IT systems - Load safety certified trailers conforming to DIN EN 12642 (Code XL), which through additional reinforcements can be used in both beverage logistics and the general transport business. - Trailers equipped with the AIRpipe 3 pipe system to prevent ice floes from forming on vehicles. ### Quality through acting as principal and network connections We have our own fleet, driven by our own personnel, who have been trained in accordance with legal and customer requirements and who are continually receiving additional training. This enables us to ensure the highest quality standards for your complete and partial loads or cargo shipments in Europe. Additionally, our networks guarantee reliable air, sea and intermodal shipping.


Management of your shipping volumes taking into account seasonal fluctuations

Expert just-in-time delivery for retail and discounters

Complete loads, partial loads, general cargo

Air, sea and intermodal shipping

Dispatch and yard management at your premises